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The Ordinary is Far From Ordinary!


    What is a portrait? We all have pictures displayed in our homes of smiling faces. Loved ones standing or sitting, giving their best face for the camera. We cherish these pictures because they are a reminder of the person in that moment of time.

But how can we hold on to the whole moment? Of course, we want to remember the faces we hold dear- but how do we capture forever the feeling, the story, and the memory itself of our fleeting time spent with the people we love?

This is the reason I try to take my camera everywhere. I could stick to planning shoots in beautiful locations at golden hour. I do treasure those images, as well. But when I’m sitting down on a quiet evening, reflecting over the (literally hundreds of thousands) pictures we’ve collected through the years- the photo shoots aren’t the ones that stop me in my tracks. They aren’t the ones that bring a tear to my eye and bring memories to the surface of my heart. What I treasure most, are the “sessions” that followed the moments we had together.

With that preface in mind, I’m sharing one of our recent ordinary days. I encourage anyone with a love for photography to keep in mind the value of shooting the simple moments even more than the grand, artistic visions you dream of “creating.”

It isn’t we, the photographers, who create the magic of a moving image- it’s the moment itself that stirs the magic within us.

We had a full day. In the morning, the children were surprised with a pancake brunch! Then we brought take-out for Daddy and suprised him at his office, where everybody had to play with all the cool toys he had collected there.

Afterwards, we headed out to find a new mattress for my oldest, as he is transitioning to his own bedroom. (No small deal when you have five other siblings vying for space!) We wrapped up the afternoon with a visit to Starbucks, with scones and banana bread for the kids, and coffee for mom.

It wasn’t a majorly exciting day. We didn’t visit Disneyland or vacation on the lake. But these “ordinary” moments are far from ordinary when I recall the memories we made. <3



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